The starting points are phrased carefully in order to arrive at an efficient system. Wilgengroep consultants look at all the possible solutions and discuss their consequences with the client. Next, our experienced engineers handle the entire preparatory process: from the mechanical to the electrical layout, from PLC to PC software. For this, Wilgengroep works according to the SCRUM method. These joint efforts will result in the best possible solution.


The thorough preparations are followed by the installation. Under the auspices of our first mechanic, Wilgengroep will install the complete overhead conveyor system, including the required support structure, if necessary. The work is performed exactly according to the plan drawn up during the engineering phase, in the shortest possible time. When the system is operational, your staff is trained in how to use it. This ensures that you will get the most out of your installation.


Preventing breakdowns. This is what our advanced service and maintenance aims at: prevention. Wilgengroep is able to monitor the client’s system 24/7 and to intervene without disrupting the production process. Mostly, this will happen unnoticed. And should it be necessary, our experienced service engineers come into action fast, to prevent downtime as much as possible. The service desk is available 24/7, uses the latest technologies and is able to resolve most breakdowns remotely, whether or not in consultation with the user. This way, your production capacity is used optimally.

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