Wilgengroep develops efficient logistics systems based on advanced overhead conveyor technology. For industry at large and for commercial laundry companies in particular. All over the world.


In the mid 1990s Wilgengroep resulted from a collaboration between Dutch Conveyors and ECS systems. In the meantime we have grown to become a global company, and part of the group. In addition, Berg Hortimotive (logistics systems for horticulture) B&R (industrial automation) and Florinco (horticulture software) are linked to Wilgengroep as (knowledge) partners. These collaborations lead to an exchange and development of knowledge with one shared goal: to come up with innovative logistics solutions.


In a competitive market transport and logistics give you the edge. An organisation that knows exactly where its goods are or where they are heading, operates more efficiently and prevents waste. This is Wilgengroep’s vision. Together with partners in the chain we want to offer clients value in the form of quantifiable results, using efficient logistics systems based on overhead conveyor technology, in combination with information in real time. Therefore, we consider it to be our mission to engineer, install and maintain logistics system in consultation with clients, employees and partners in the chain, ensuring that these systems produce the results that our clients require.

Wilgengroep does so in an independent, international and future-proof way. Although Wilgengroep started out in the commercial laundry industry, an increasing number of other industries are embracing Wilgengroep’s vision and systems. Wilgengroep is also active in horticulture, stock breeding and wood and metalworking.

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