Sorting is a labour-intensive part of the process, it is an important determining factor for the remainder of the laundry process. It does not only determine the quality of the product, but also the efficiency of the production. It is the beginning of the laundry chain and it determines the pace of the production. In addition, this is where the linen is defined by entering the customer number and the type of linen. The further laundry process is initiated on the basis of these data.

There are 6 types of systems to sort clean and soiled linen. Depending on the volume and the number of types of linen offered, the flexibility and the space available are selected for the best suitable system.

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The design of our overhead conveyor system is absolute precision work, accurate to the decimal point, literally. This work method prevents subsequent expensive and time-consuming adjustments. In addition, it allows us to use standard formulas and to produce custom-made solutions nevertheless, and this for each current transport system: loose or in bags.

Our D2 (soiled linen overhead conveyor system) is also connectable to open end machines.

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Process automation and laundry machine controls

The machines and transport systems in a laundry are driven by controls. The Wilgengroep has been producing controls for CBW’s, dryers, shuttle and conveyor belts for many years. These controls are intended for both new and existing machines. Existing controls can also be improved. Producing proper controls does not only require knowledge of the different programming languages, but also of the functioning of the machines concerned. The Wilgengroep has this unique combination of different kinds of expertise.

The Wilgengroep is an independent supplier of control systems. This means that control systems are made for different brands and types of machines of renowned suppliers.

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For instance: Funnel loading open end machine


WG-Vision: State-of-the-art software
In order to operate the controls, we developed the WG-Vision software package. This software has been developed under our own management and has been used in more than one hundred projects. This software is the champion in terms of user comfort and management reporting possibilities. In addition, this software is very flexible and can be easily linked to different control systems on the one hand and to all kinds of administrative software on the other hand. Existing invoicing, time registration and cost calculation programmes link up seamlessly.

The WG-Vision software is based entirely on Windows and consequently links up with the todays and future software standard. The user benefits from all the comfort Windows has to offer and is prepared for future Windows applications.

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WG-Perform: management data
Have you always wanted to know how efficiently your machinery works?
With dryer analysis from Wilgengroep as part of WG-Perform (the analysis portal for heavy duty laundries ), you measure factors including the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness ), temperature, usage rate and amount of downtime. Besides that, you can apply this data to the processing machines in the clean items department, to gain data on the real-time performance of the dryers and, with that in combination with item tracking, to know what is on the way.

The Performance Dashboards allow you to measure the performance of your employees or machines. These performances are shown with the set norm for the workplace. By recording work and clock times, an active workplace can be linked to an employee or machine. This gives an overall picture of the laundry process, and the combination of that with our cloud-based management dashboards offers you handles that allow you to optimize your process even further!

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